Frigus vir nivis

You can read about the English carol Frosty the Snowman at Wikipedia, first recorded by Gene Autry back in 1950. You can also find the English lyrics online.

Frigus Vir Nivis (unattributed, at Cantica Adventus)

Frigus vir nivis
Erat hilaris, felix
Cum suo pipo et naso parvo
Et carbonis oculis.
Frigus vir nivis
Est fabula mira;
Fit nivis sed liberi sapiunt
Eum vixisse quondam.

Existet est vis mira
In petaso invento,
Nam hunc cum ill' induissent
Tum circumsaluit.

O, Frigus vir nivis
Erat quam vivissimus
Et dicunt illum ludere et
Ridere similem nobis.
Pulsate pulsu, pulsate pulsu
Ecce Frigus it!
Pulsate pulsu, pulsate pulsu
Trans nivem currit!


Arcady7 said...

Laura, Please excuse. I wanted to add a positive comment to your Auld Lang Syne post but the comments were closed so I chose this one since it was nearest.

Kudos to you for your imperturbable patience in the face of Unreason.

If it's any comfort to our Scottish friends, a genius - with or without input from lesser mortals - is a genius for a' that.

Once again, thank you for your daily cornucopia of goodies!

Laura Gibbs said...

Oh, thank you for your comment. Yes, there was serious weirdness at that post with all kinds of insults; I had forgotten about that - it must have been a couple years ago now. Usually the world of Latin blogging is safe from trolls... little did I suspect that Robert Burns would bring out the trolls, ha ha. :-)