Gaudium Mundo

The English carol "Joy to the World" has lyrics written by Isaac Watts in 1719. You can read a biography of Watts and find the English lyrics along with the music at CyberHymnal, along with links to many other hymns by Watts. There are four different versions of "Joy to the World," along with music files, at the Hymns and Carols of Christmas website. There is also a Wikipedia article about this carol.

The Latin version that circulates on the Internet translates just the first verse, unfortunately. I was surprised to not find a fuller Latin translation online! There was a Latin version by Cecil Rigby available at quite an exorbitant price from Hando Music. If somebody is inspired to do a more complete Latin version that they want to share, please let me know!

(Translated by Stanford Miller)

iam mundus Dominum
dum omnia
in corda nos
accipimus illum!
accipimus illum!
accip-, accip-imus illum!

Alternate version. Unattributed, online at this Kealing.org website.

Christus advenit. Cuncti sint
Nunc laeti, hilares!
Et cantent homines! Et cantent homines! Et cantent homines!
Christus advenit, homines
Et cantent canticum!
Quod personent
Et cantent homines! Et cantent homines! Et cantent homines!

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