Illuminare, Jerusalem

I would urge everyone who is interested in learning more about this song to read this VERY informative blog post by "a clerk of Oxford."

Only the refrain of the song is in Latin, much like the "gloria in excelsis Deo" refrain used in Angels We Have Heard on High. The song itself is from a 16th-century poem in Scots. Here is the first verse; see the blog post for additional verses:

1. Jerusalem reioss for joy: 
Jesus the sterne of most bewte 
In thee is rissin, as rychtous roy, 
Fro dirknes to illumyne the. 
With glorius sound of angell gle 
Thy prince is borne in Baithlehem 
Quhilk sall thee mak of thraldome fre. 
Illuminare, Jerusalem.

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